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The new electrical service..............

Work at the Old School continues.  Previous posts are here.  Today's episode highlights the installation of the new electrical service.   Each of the twenty-nine apartments will have its own electric meter (tenants will pay for their own electric usage, thank you), plus there will be a house meter (that will cover the power for the elevator, the laundry room, and all of the common area lighting).  Going from one meter to thirty is simple, but not easy.

The original electric service and panels, soon to be discarded

The blank slate
Building the new meter settings

It is a process
Connecting one meter setting at a time

On the other side of the wall from the meter settings, the
distribution system takes shape

Hopefully it all ends up in the right place
Electrical lines head for the individual units

Except what ends up in the house panel

This finished piece of the inside puzzle represents a lot of work

No longer a blank slate

There will be several more posts on the work by the electricians.

Opening paragraphs and interesting sentences...

     Like an early nineteenth-century poet, when I have melancholy moments and feel the world is too much for us and that late and soon we lay waste to our powers in getting and spending, I'm forced to pause and reflect upon my experiences with the dead and the hold they exert on our lives.
     This may seem a macabre perspective on one's life, but at a certain point it seems to be the only one we have.  Mortality is not kind, and do not let anyone tell you it is.  If there is such a thing as wisdom, and I have serious doubts about its presence in my own life, it lies in the acceptance of the human condition and perhaps the knowledge that those who have passed on are still with us, out there in the mist, showing us the way, sometimes uttering a word of caution from the shadows, sometimes visiting us in our sleep, as bright as a candle burning inside a basement that has no windows.

-James Lee Burke,  Robicheaux

Fifty years ago............................

Traffic.......................................................Forty Thousand Headmen